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    Master Healer Dr. Pankaj Naram’s mission has led him to visit regularly 12 countries, so far: India, USA, Canada, Nepal, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Australia & New Zealand. People from over 108 countries have come to him to get help with their health problems and challenges. Utilizing the wisdom of his Ancient Healing Secrets. Dr. Naram has helped people with Arthritis, Diabetes, Autism, Obesity, Infertility, Blood Pressure, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Skin Issues, Hair Loss, Depression, Epilepsy, Chronic Health Challenges, and many more health related problems. Dr. Pankaj Naram is a world-renowned authority in Vedic based healing practice of pulse diagnosis and marma healing, and the use of Secret Remedies for modern day diseases and health problems.


    Dr. Naram – Fibroids and Hormonal Imbalance – Vancouver Part 1

    Dr. Naram talks about how ancient healing secrets can help women heal hormonal imbalance, which is one of the major health problems facing women. He also talks about non-surgical methods for healing fibroids. He discusses the case of a world-champion bodybuilder, who...

    Dr. Pankaj Naram – Ancient Weight Loss Secrets, Part 2

    Thank you for your great questions, after we posted the first video from Dr. Pankaj Naram on ancient weight loss secrets. This second video is in response to your great questions. Do you want to lose weight, but in a healthy and lasting way? Do you want to become your...

    Dr. Pankaj Naram’s Ancient Secret for Cancer?

    Have you ever heard of a Secret for Cancer? While there are no guarantees, and so much depends on each individual case, this is a very inspiring story of Hope with Ancient Healing & Dr. Pankaj Naram It is a scary thing to discover you or a loved one has cancer....

    Dr. Pankaj Naram Recipe Site – Your Path to Healthier Lifestyle

    Bringing deep changes to people all over the world, Siddha-Veda is considered to be one of the world’s oldest healthcare system that is still in the process of growing. Siddha-Veda claims that three primary qualities or principles govern every human body and they are...