Many individuals have so much on their mind day to day that they rarely stop to think about how the foods and beverages they consume. One of the biggest example of this is the popularity and regular consumption of diet drinks and other beverages. Many people consider these drinks to be a healthier alternative to sugary teas, sports drinks, and sodas because they don’t have sugar or calories. However, health experts like master healer Dr. Naram have long suspected the dangers of these diet drinks, and a new study has further confirmed such dangers of artificial sweeteners. Dr. Naram would like to discuss the results of this study today.

The recent study used data that was collected during the Framingham Offspring Cohort in the form of questionnaires. The questionnaires included inquiries about how many artificially sweetened and diet drinks the participants consumed and how often or for how long they had indulged in these beverages. The data also revealed follow up information concerning which of the participants had developed health conditions like heart disease and dementia in the following years. The study saw a strong correlation between the consumption of artificial sweeteners and the risk of these conditions, and these correlations stayed consistent even when accounting for other variables like smoking and lack physical exercise.

These findings have prompted the team of researchers to pursue further study into the subject to see what other potential dangers artificial sweeteners may cause, and to further discover the links between diet drinks and serious health conditions. In the meantime, Dr. Naram would again like to encourage his patients and other individuals to take this study to heart and to cut potentially harmful artificial sweeteners from their diets. A long and healthy life starts with making the right dietary decisions, and cutting artificial sweeteners can be an easy step towards a sustainable wellbeing.