Dr. Naram talks about how ancient healing secrets can help women heal hormonal imbalance, which is one of the major health problems facing women. He also talks about non-surgical methods for healing fibroids. He discusses the case of a world-champion bodybuilder, who is 52, but who looks and feels significantly younger, following Dr. Naram’s ancient methods. He provides the formula for a plant-based tonic that will reduce inflammation and make you feel younger and more energized, and that will make women’s periods more regular and will make cramps go away.


Dr. Naram: [00:00:02] Believe it or not. Mano ya na mano. Today. The major problem with woman is hormonal imbalance and what is hormonal imbalance why it happens and how ancient secrets Ancient healing methods can help any woman to help a hormonal balance good mind positive thinking and believe it or not this I have seen in thousands and thousands and thousands of women in Italy in Germany in USA in Canada in this too. Dr. Drew the doctors and the doctor Marion G are traveling with me. Dr. Merrigan G. Saw this woman a couple of years ago. And she had a big challenge of fibroids. Now actually. She was about to go for operation but she never wanted that was her choice. Now she was looking for an alternative methods to reduce fibroids. Believe it or not. Now you will be hearing from her. And who is she. She is a world champion. She’s a world body builder champion. She looks like Thirty five. She feels like 25. If you see her arms you’ll be surprised. She is actually 52 but her spirit is so powerful she believes that this ancient healing methods can work on her. So let’s see what happened to her belief. Then she came she had multiple fibroids and now when she went to check her fibroids all the doctors were surprised. According to her because 75 percent or more of the fibroids had disappear. Believe it or not if you have got fibroids if you’ve got something which is known as busy always busy all day.

Dr. Naram: [00:02:09] Or if you want to make your hormones better if you want to look younger. If you want to feel younger and if you want your inflammation to go down, fennel powder two teaspoon, jeera cumin powder one teaspoon ajwain powder one teaspoon suah means they’ll see the powder one teaspoon and jaggery one teaspoon and cows ghee one teaspoon mix everything together. And you can take put it into hot water or normal water and take it one or two times a day. And would did Dr. Marion just said please remember, shotahara formula anti-block formula, young woman formula, healthy woman formula and woman shakti formula 2 in the morning 2 in the evening. And if you are on hmong vegetables and goat’s milk. Believe it or not. Inflammation starts reducing. And hormones become so good that you get regular periods, cramps goes away and you also feel positive you feel very energetic. Mood swings goes away and the entire family is surprised that why you are so happy without a reason. Believe it or not. I have been helping this from last 36 years on thousands and thousands of women with great success. If you help if you want your hormones to be balanced then take your right hand. After forefingers This is the marma. One. Two. Three four five and six. So let’s listen to this wonderful woman who is full of energy full of enthusiasm. And she is going to inspire you.

Dr. Naram: [00:04:10] Believe it or not.Namaskar.

Yolanda: [00:04:12] Hi I’m Yolanda Hi. And I’m from Bellingham Washington.

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