Yolanda, a world-champion bodybuilder, discusses her amazing results working with Dr. Naram. She came to Dr. Naram for help healing fibroids and heavy period bleeding. She was on birth control to address this, and was told she needed a hysterectomy, but she wanted to have children so this was not an option for her. Then she found Dr. Naram. She changed her diet, and also discovered she was anemic, hypo-thyroid, and Vitamin D deficient. Following Dr. Naram’s ayurvedic practices, her fibroids shrunk by three quarters.


Yolanda: [00:00:00] Hi I’m Yolanda Hi. And I’m from Bellingham Washington. Yeah. Well I found him on the Internet some four years ago maybe even five.

Yolanda: [00:00:14] And each time he would come through Vancouver I would call and make an appointment. And just before he would come I would always cancel. I did that for probably like three years. And finally. I made an appointment. And I’m like I’m gonna to stick with it. And it’s been probably about a year and a half now that I’ve been seeing him. And my life certainly has changed and evolved in ways that I hadn’t anticipated. And it’s all for the better. And I came to him initially because I had fibroids and I was bleeding heavy and also because I wanted to have a child. And I needed to get my body back to its natural state. And so, I went to the doctor to have a ultrasound to see how the fibroids had shrunken and they have shrunken over three quarters. So that is fantastic news. Since I’ve been working with Dr. Naram.

Yolanda: [00:01:35] A lot of heavy bleeding long periods sometimes you know I be out and about and all of a sudden I be flooding. And, it was always quite embarrassing because you know I was bleeding so heavy and I went through a period there where I bled so much I tried going on birth control pill because that’s what the Western doctors you know go to is birth control pill.  Then the next step they want to do is give you a hysterectomy. And I was not down for that because in my heart I feel like. One of my heart’s desires is to give birth to a child and have a family. So I was not open for that.

Yolanda: [00:02:29] Their answer was surgery. I tried the birth control pill for about a month and a half. Probably it was two months. And that made it worse. So I just stopped and really started looking at other alternatives. You know changing my diet. For one thing they had diagnosed me being anemic, Hypo thyroid, Vitamin D deficient. I was about to blow my adrenal glands out because I was restless so my body was under a lot of stress. I was always in the state of of a fight you know so it wore me out.

Yolanda: [00:03:18] You know I think too is it’s I guess believing in Western medicine though I’ve always been a person that has always looked into alternative ways and you know I always say it’s the perfect time whenever it happens. Well it means a lot. It’s very exciting. Because when you’re in the moment and things are happening to you sometimes you feel like there’s not a whole lot of hope. In that you go you’re gonna end up going the Western way. So that means getting surgery or taking a pill that doesn’t really help it just mask what’s really going on inside. So. Also just doing more spiritual work in and connecting my mind and my body together and believing in my potential and the unlimited possibilities that the universe has to offer. The doctor yes they are shocked. The lady who did the ultrasound she wanted to know. What it was that I did to shrink the fibroids. And so of course I had to give Dr. Naram Some kudos because he certainly has helped me. And I just said that I have been doing ayurvedic. And so she didn’t really know what that was so I gave I told her what it was and she was like that’s awesome. And good for you. So you know I think when we have an issue that we have to be our own best advocate and go out there and do research and find alternative ways because I believe everything was put here for a reason. And we’ve just kind of lost contact with that. A lot of us have been looking for alternative ways to become healthy instead of taking up tablet or, or surgery because a lot of surgeries are unnecessary. And I’m a firm believer if. You know. God put all our organs and everything within us that. We should be able to keep them. Right. And so it’s just bringing that body back in balance with the divine.

Yolanda: [00:06:05] Yeah. Dr. NARAM I just want to say thank you so much for helping me to get my life back and on track. You are certainly an inspiration to me and many others in the world. And words are not enough to say thank you for the gift that you’ve given me and my journey. To achieving that to achieving health and wellness. So thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart.

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