To live with vibrant health is the greatest accomplishment in life, says Dr. Pankaj Naram. Without a healthy body, a sound mind and emotional tranquility, all other aspects of our lives will be negatively impacted. Our intention for sharing with you the gift of SiddhaVeda lifestyle is only to empower you, and not to limit you.

To become independent and free of disease one needs inspiration, guidance and an understanding of how our body responds to certain foods, lack of sleep, environment, relationships, social life, too much or too little physical activities, work schedule, and so on. According to the philosophy and the ancient teachings of Siddha-Veda, there are six essential instruments necessary to achieve a lasting and vibrant health. These include:

• Diet,

• Lifestyle,

• Herbal supplements,

• Marma,

• Ashta-karma, and

• Home remedies.

These six instruments act like pillars that hold and support the well-being of your physical, mental and emotional body. To create and maintain balance and harmony in your life, the ancient art and science of Siddha-Veda offers straightforward and precise guidelines. 2 At first the lifestyle and the diet may seem restrictive and at times impossible to follow. With modern life’s busy schedules and so many distractions, it is no surprise that many people gravitate towards recipes that are familiar, many ingredients which are easily available, prepared food loaded with additives, preservative and fillers and so on, says Dr. Pankaj Naram.

Dr. Pankaj Naram

Some people may also think that healthy diets are less convenient and more expensive. This may be true in the short term, but in the long run, by continuing to consume the kinds of toxic foods and the large portions, we are all paying a heavy price that can no longer be ignored. Also the occurrence of so many preventable diseases such as:

• Type 2 Diabetes,

• obesity,

• hypertension,

• high cholesterol,

• ADD and ADHD,

and many more, should be a wake-up call to everyone in our society.

The subject of food is not only a cultural part of everyone’s upbringing but also a highly emotional aspect of our lives. Whether it is the process of purchasing the ingredients or preparing the food or it is simply remembering the tastes and the aromas associated with memories of holidays and sitting around with family and friends. These memories shape the very foundation of our approach to health and life style and influence the choices we make on daily basis, reminds Dr. Pankaj Naram.

Dr. Pankaj NaramAlso our environment plays a very important role in the choices we make. What’s being offered in the supermarkets and the food trends emphasized through media and the press sways us in a certain direction. The flood of information affects our belief system and creates different emotions in connection to food and the overall wellbeing. There have been numerous occasions where someone in complete panic expressed fear about recent blood reports or how they were deficient in certain vitamins such as “D” or “B” or some form of minerals.

Let us look at the subject of vitamins and minerals from the point of view of Dr. Naram’s Siddha-Veda lineage. In the ancient teachings of Siddha-Veda the emphasis is on complete and proper digestion of food and the prevention of Aam accumulation (toxins), not on the amount of 3 Vitamins and minerals present in the food.

A correct and complete digestive process in turn guarantees the balance in the body’s doshas (constitution). Every food has its own characteristics and attributes. For example, according to Ancient Siddha-Veda Principles, Milk and Dairy products’ attributes are heavy, cold and mucus producing, or we can say that they create an imbalance of the Kapha dosha.

Fermented and sour foods have the acidic characteristic, and therefore they create an imbalance of the Pitta dosha. Dry and raw food has inflammatory attributes and creates an imbalance of the Vata dosha. In other words the purpose of eating is that the attributes of the food must help to balance the Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and not add to the toxins accumulated in the body in the form of undigested food. Vitamin or mineral contents of the food could only benefit the body if the food is fully digested, metabolized and the elimination process is regular and successful.

The following recommendations will help you to balance all three doshas and create a healthy digestion and a strong immune system. Even if you are able to follow only one or two of the recommendations at first, you will find that over time you can incorporate more changes. It is important to be consistent, but please remember to “enjoy your food”.